Mentor Coaching Services

In order to apply for an International Coach Federation (ICF) credential, new coaches are required to complete a minimum of 10 hours of mentor coaching with a qualified mentor coach. Of these, all and no less than three hours may be one-to-one mentor coaching. The mentor coaching must be delivered over a minimum of three months.

I provide one-on-one mentoring to new coaches who plan to apply for an ACC from the ICF. Please email me for a complementary chemistry session and a detailed overview of the process. My email address is elitza at elitzaranova dot com.


Advanced Package

10 Hours of one-on-one mentor coaching. We focus on each of the ICF Core Competencies, prepare for the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) part of the ICF application and base our work on recordings of your sessions with clients.

$1750.00 paid in full in one single payment

$925.00 paid in full in two monthly payments

$620.00 paid in full in three monthly payments

All ten hours must be completed in a 6 month time period beginning the month of the first session. 


One-on-one ongoing mentor coaching

2 sessions per month
$380.00 per month with a 3-month commitment
$395.00 month to month

You may add an additional session for $170.00 per session at any time.