“Working with Elitza has been a blessing. She was supportive, compassionate and intuitive during the coaching process and helped me figure out how to prioritize my life demands. She helped me focus on what was important to me and why it was important and then reminded me when I forgot. I am so grateful for our discussion and how she coached me to be accountable and achieve my goals. I will forever be appreciative of the wonderful coaching experience I had with Elitza.”

Cindy Giles LLCCoach, Author and Speaker

“Coaching with Elitza was one of the most transformative and beneficial experiences I had while in a transitional time. She helped me navigate through my own experiences, thoughts, and feelings in order to reflect on what I felt I needed to do. By engaging me in the right question at the right moment, she helped me make realizations that helped me move forward in taking actions to achieve my goals. She helped me grow to become an advocate for myself, and I will carry with me this experience and the lessons I’ve learned through it when I face other challenging times in the future.”

Lauren Nippold, Americorps Fellow, MN

“Since I have been coaching with Elitza, I feel freer; life feels lighter; I accomplish more. My friends, who have known me for a long time, see me and notice the change. They ask me, “What happened?” and I tell them, “I got a life coach. Her name is Elitza.”

J. A., artist and small business owner, ME.

“Elitza is a powerful, intuitive and direct coach. She is a very good listener, patient and deeply understanding of the issues at hand. Her ability to understand exactly what’s going spurs the conversation to directions, topics and issues that are powerful and meaningful.”

K. S., financial risk-assesment, NY.

“Elitza is really good at picking up my mood after just a few words and creating a space for me to reflect on what I am doing and why. She helps me make informed decisions, especially about big steps in my life, because she gets me to think about them on a different level.”

S. M., artist, TX.

“Giving myself the time and space to think with Elitza has been one of the most productive things I have done for myself in a long time.  In fact, talking with her has created a space in which I can develop new perspectives on old habits, fresh thoughts for the future, and ways to mark my accomplishments in the present.  I believe that some of the most rewarding ways one can approach life are by cultivating trust in one’s self along with a sense of creativity. Elitza is a great person with which to hone those poetic life skills.”

L. D., Ph.D., artist, TX.

If you need a coach to guide you towards taking conscious decisions about your professional development and growth, then Eliza is the one you are looking for. I appreciate her method of creating a space for self-analysis and honest assessment of my values, goals and visions. Her emphasis on the need to make creative and intelligent decisions about difficult problems is something that I have truly benefited from.

I. P., Ph.D., Rice University, Texas

I didn’t know much about coaching before I started working with Elitza, but I found that the process really helped catalyze my personal growth.  She was very intuitive and able to mirror me when necessary as well as to push me to explore issues more deeply.  What I thought would be some simple sessions on setting professional goals grew into a beautiful period of self-exploration in conversation with someone profoundly healing.

C.V., meditation teacher, Texas